Big Leaf Field Day – Autumn 2017

The NGIQ Field Day at Big Leaf Wholesale Nurseries in Eumundi was well attended with over 80 growers, business owners and representatives all present to hear the latest news on what was happening within the industry.

ICL Group

Those who attended heard from Dr. Sam Stacey from ICL Group on the benefits of using wetting in growing media. His presentation is available HERE.

Transplant Systems

Daniel Parsons from Transplant Systems treated the audience with a presentation featuring video on the latest in nursery robotics and technological advancements.

Queensland Farmers’ Federation

Queensland Farmers’ Federation’s (QFF) Water and Energy Policy Officer Dr. Georgina Davis presented on the importance of understanding and compiling with your local water plan.

The overwhelming number one issue from growers on the day was the impact the uncharacteristically dry summer was having on their businesses. Having access to reliable and affordable water remained the number one issue for nursery growers in the Moreton and Gympie regions. Dr. Davis emphasised the importance of understanding what your options were for sourcing water for your business and what your individual water entitlement was and ensuring you were compliant.

QFF is currently working together with DRNM to formulate a checklist for growers and businesses to run though to make sure you they are compliant with their local water plan. This will be circulated as soon as it is finalised.

Georgina Davis’ presentation is available HERE.

Bugs for Bugs

Dan Papacek from Bugs for Bugs gave everyone plenty to think about with his innovative and game changing approach to dealing with on-farm pests.


Nigel Read from Aquapower was able to go through in detail the work his team undertook in completely rebuilding the irrigation system at Big Leaf. He also outlined the many new methods being undertaken to increase efficiencies and lower costs associated with on-farm irrigation.

Big Leaf

To wrap up the day, Kieran Studders had all attendees tour his nursery and went into great detail outlining the work that he’d undertaken to rebuild the current site and install a brand new efficient irrigation system.

A big thanks to Bassett Barks and Garden City Plastics for providing breakfast and morning tea on the day.

Dan Papacek