South Brisbane Branch Reoprt

Autumn 2017

On Wednesday 15th February the South Brisbane Branch was lucky to be invited to the Highsun Express facility in Redlands, where Brad, Sally, Helene and the team put on a magnificent evening, enjoyed by around 60 people.

NGIQ members from all across Brisbane attended, where we were treated with a full tour of the nursery, including watching the potting machine in operation. One of the most interesting take home messages for many, was how continually looking to increase your productivity through technology can really make a difference. We witnessed the plug machine determine which seed plug had not germinated, then replace the exact failed plug with another, filling the trays ready for growing on, ensuring that full trays were the end saleable product.

Another fantastic point was made by the South Brisbane Branch board representative Ray Doherty from Azalea Grove Nursery, who regularly collects stock from the dispatch section of Highsun, Ray commented on how incredibly clean and tidy Highsun is all of the time, it is a credit to Brad and his team, that a real culture exists within the nursery to always present the nursery at its best, from germination trays through to dispatch.

After the tour, we were treated to a fantastic sit down meal, including dessert, complete with take home gifts and information packs.

The South Brisbane Branch would like to thank Highsun for their generosity of time and spirit in putting on this evening, and for the insight into how a large production facility operates. It was really nice to see that a nursery is embracing technology, and implementing facilities right here in the South Brisbane area that we often only see in pictures from Europe and North America.