The Queensland Farmers’ Federation’s (QFF) Energy Savers Program is partnering with industry member Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland (NGIQ) to hold an Energy Field Day in Brisbane.
The Aspley Nursery Field Day will be held on Thursday, 15 September and will include presentations from local growers and experts in irrigation efficiency and renewable energy.
The field day will provide a comprehensive insight to growers about ways in which they can monitor and improve their energy efficiency with particular emphasis on irrigation, water heating for propagation and lighting.
QFF President Stuart Armitage stated that the Energy Savers program is run in conjunction with Ergon Energy and is designed to assist growers reduce energy costs.
“Given the highly intensive production systems used within the nursery and garden industry there are significant efficiencies that can be applied to often large consumptions of electricity and water,” said Mr. Armitage.
“This workshop will give nursery owners and managers practical advice on how to reduce energy consumption through efficient irrigation, lighting and heating as well as generating their own solar power.”

NGIQ President Paul Lancaster encouraged fellow growers and industry operators to attend the Aspley Nursery Field Day:

“People attending will hear from the Aspley Nursery owners about some great energy and water savings they have made following their Energy Savers audit and also from other nurseries that have implemented water and energy saving projects,” said Mr. Lancaster.

“This field day is all about making sure growers are aware of these opportunities to reduce their electricity and water use, and by doing so they can reduce their associated costs.”

“The program is designed to support the accelerated adoption of improvements in on-farm energy use that will lower energy costs for farmers and producers.”

QFF President Stuart Armitage also noted that QFF and Ergon were currently conducting targeted audits of on-farm processing such as heating, cooling, lighting and irrigation as well as assisting farmers to identify potential savings and provide information on financing options.

“The Energy Savers Program is designed to help farmers find the right solution for their needs and to encourage them to make the right investments to improve their bottom line,” said Mr. Armitage.

The Energy Savers Program is being delivered by Ergon Energy in partnership with the QFF and is funded by the Queensland Government.

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