Our branches are preparing for AGM season during September and October, with the NGIQ state AGM to be held on 17 November. Some branches will have vacancies in committee positions, and I encourage everyone to participate in their local branch network meetings or contact your branch president for more information.

At the NGIQ AGM, I will be retiring as State President, due to the two year rotation, but intend to remain on the Board.  Meanwhile, I have had my long-awaited shoulder surgery which is supposed to keep me out-of-action for a while, but its hard not to do the work when you see it sitting there!

Here’s a brief update on discussion at the August Board meeting: the Directors decided to postpone the sale of the Salisbury building, obtain costs to move the office downstairs into the now vacant tenancy, and to correct the building certification issues prior to a potential sale next year. We met with Bryan Hillier (Draceana Farm Nursery) and agreed with many of the issues he raised on the future of the association and relationship to NGIA. We approved 13 new memberships, and noted 5 resignations. We are seeing a steady increase in membership due to the growth of Green Expo, Trade Days, Queensland Garden Expo and new interest in NIASA accreditation. We have asked Kerry to stay on as Executive Officer with a view to fixing the building risk issues, and we have appointed FSA Partners to manage Company Secretary duties.

If you have any questions about Board discussions, you can call me or talk to your Branch Board representative.


Paul Lancaster

State President & NGIA Board member

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