IR & Staff Advice

The Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland (NGIQ) is responsive to the needs of its members and gives advice in a wide range of industrial relations issues. Industrial Relations issues are often complex in their nature. With the introduction of the new Federal legislation from 1 January 2010, industrial relations has become an even more significant area for employers.

NGIQ can guide members through industrial relations issues as they happen, and help manage those issues in an effective manner for the future. Industrial relations and the employment relationship both shape the success of your business. Success and industrial relations go hand in hand!

Industrial Relations Services that NGIQ provides include:

  • ongoing industrial relations advice and representation to NGIQ members with regards to new Modern Awards, the National Employment Standards and Fair Work Australia.
  • award interpretation and advice on conditions of employment
  • regular correspondence on day-to-day industrial issues via the phone or in writing
  • advice on wage rates and wage levels under relevant Awards e.g. Nursery Award, Clerks – Private Sector Award 2010
  • assistance to NGIQ members in the development of paperwork required to meet Award conditions
  • advice to NGIQ members on wage rates and wage levels under the Federal Government’s IR Legislation
  • timely advice on any industrial changes via the ‘Industrial Update’ newsletter
  • advice on workplace agreements
  • advice on workplace policies and procedures e.g. Complaint & Grievance Procedures

NGIQ members can Contact Us for Industrial Relations Advice and Service.


Download Nursery Award 2010
Download Clerks Private Sector Award 2010
First Aid in the workplace – Code of Practice 2014


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